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NYA Beliefs

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"Celebrating the Process of Building A Foundation"!

Our belief

If you cannot get past your behaviors and disciplines you cannot except any kind of learning platform...(on the court, in the class,at home)

Our Future Goals

Create community leaders and future business owners...

Our Mantra


(Focus with direction Effort best Energy positive)



What is FAB

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Future Academic Ballers (F.A.B.)

The F.A.B. program uses amazing basketball to foster a passion for academic excellence, self-discipline and wellness in young men through vibrant accountable relationships.  

[What is FAB]

FAB is Youth enrichment basketball program that practices detailed skill and drill training. Fundamentalist development through vigorous techniques and nuances. The Study of mentality, skill training, fundamentals and building IQ packaged into one to create supreme leaders… The Study of the language of basketball to how it relates to the demographic that it serves to bring out the best empowerment of the youth/basketball subculture…  


We Address;

Physical Fitness  

Critical Thinking 



Outside the Box Training 

Mental Toughness 

Community Outreach and give Back

Pay Homage 

Fundamental Skill Development 

Confidence Development 

Working With Others 

Goal Setting 

Where it began

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NYA began with our Future Academic Ballers (F.A.B.) program six years(July 2009) ago. FAB was established as a pilot program in North Minneapolis. The original basketball team was a fourth grade team of young men and a leader (coach) who sought out reform-minded families who were willing to commit to implementing a different strategy.  

Who is the Director of NYA

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Who is the Director of NYA(Neighborhood Youth Academy); 

Lucas Patterson was born and raised on the north-side of Minneapolis MN. The Patterson family had migrated here from the south with the other 80 original black families to settle in MN. His great aunt Nellie Stone Johnson was an activist and scholar for equal rights for black people… His grandfather William “shorty” Patterson played professional basketball with the Mpls. Lakers in 1956… Lucas Patterson played at all levels of basketball before stepping away from the game in 2009 after suffering a severe ankle injury.. Prior to that, Patterson lead regions in scoring in three out 4 of his collegiate years… Went on to have extensive work-outs with the MN Timberwolves from 2006-08… He Played professionally in the ABA (American Basketball Association) with the MN RipKnees until 2009… Promptly after his playing career was finished the Future Academic Ballers program was created… 

FAB Elite

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Mpls FAB wants to recognize some individual accomplishments from our 7th grade basketball Team:


Kerwin Walton


-AAU national BB Evaluations Greensboro NC, Ranked #17.


- Invited to Jr. All American Camp





Invited to Jr All American Camp Award (Kyle Anderson For Best Team Play)


-Invited to CP3 Middle School Camp


-Ranked #13 Point Guard in the Nation ℅ 2020(cite Coast2coastprep)




Rudwan Tahir


-Invited to Jr. All American Camp Award (Best Ball Handler Skill and Drill Competition)




Myles Stutes


-Invited to Jr. All American Camp


-Ranked # 24th among Power Forwards in the Nation 2014-15



Cornell Richardson


-Invited to Jr. All-American Camp


-2013-14 Ranked 56th in the Nation Over-all


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Fundamentals on Saturday at Gambles is going well. You have any little ones boys and girls, please bring them to practice 12-2.


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We are looking to expand in to girls teams... also adding a 7th grade boys traveling team to the mix... stay tune for try out dates and teams!!!


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This season has been a great learning experience. We will grow and be that much better in future it. Thanks to the true FAB supporters!!!!

Break Out Season

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This is FAB's Break out season... Just Put a stamp on all the work that it took to get to this point...FAB FAM The MOVEMENT JOIN IN>>>>>>>>>>

FAB Banquet

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What a great event last night... I want to personally thank every player and their family for joining us in FAB's 1st Banquet it was a great success... THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!!!!