Brian Carpenter

Brian Carpenter or "Carp" as most refer to him, is one of the best all-around players this city and state has ever seen. 

Audiences were in awe of his agility and calculating style of quickness and athleticism! With an unmatched intensity on the defensive end, he would out play you if you did not come with your A game. Brian was a true student of the game and worked on it in every aspect of his life! A very grounded and humbled young man, Brian was very in tuned with his faith! He had an attractive aura and mentored almost everybody around him. His undeniable charm was consistent with the person he was and carried this class act with him to the court.

In his senior campaign to be player of the year Brian averaged over 24 points, 5 assists, 5 rebounds, 5 steals, over 46 percent from the three point line, 48 percent from the field, and almost 80 percent from the free throw line. To add to his accolades Brian scored over a thousand points in his high school career and had 7 or more steals in over 5 of his senior games.

He took his talent to northern Iowa after the Minnesota Gophers bluffed him and made a bad decision by not staying true too their verbal agreement! While at Northern Iowa, Brian was more than just a solid guard as he commanded the helm and used his leadership ability to run the team. His influence was heavy on players around the city too. He convinced Jason Sims to join him at UNI and a year or two later Jason Daisy followed suit. This same effect was all too real for younger stepbrother Akeem. In an article in the "Full Court Press" it read, "Carpenter's step brother, Akeem, a highly-regarded freshman reserve for Washburn, looks to Brian as a role model." "He's made me work harder over the summer," says Akeem, 14. "He pushes me to do things. When I need help he just says to ask and he'll help." It was because of the person Brian was and his eagerness to give back the knowledge he acquired to anybody that was accepting. So its only fitting that he stepped in a role of supreme influence and passes his jewels to our most prize possessions, our children, through the profession of teaching.

More than a basketball player, Brian was a better person and has a divine message to deliver with a high level of wisdom and the experiences to back it up. Men that come along like Brain are few and far between. So you should give them the roses while they can still smell them! Brian will always be remembered for being a class act and traveling the road less taken!