Chris Rainey

"Rain man"

Chris Rainey was the most dynamic player in his era. A three-sport athlete this young man would take Minnesota by storm. He would make the hardest plays look extremely easy, whether it was baseball, basketball or football. There was no question that Rainey was the best pure athlete of his time

Chris bounced around as a youth - living in three different states before moving to Minnesota where he made it his home. Moving to Coon Rapids, Rainey would start his basketball career in Minnesota with Coon Rapids traveling, Shortly after that his family would move to Minneapolis and Rainey would earn his recognition by playing at the gambles. With his family ready to leave again Rainey this time did not make the move. He stayed at the family’s friend’s house while his mom and little brother moved to Michigan. Chris attended South high his freshman year, then later transferred to North. As a Sophomore, 

Chris would explode on the scene and be one of the leading scorers in a star studded city conference averaging a smooth 19. 5 points a game. North still young and building they didn’t have much post season success. Rainey’s junior year would prove to be an arrival of a new sort of athlete that would transcend the play in the city conference. With the ball on a yo yo and exceptional quickness Rainey would not disappoint as he would make a double team look like a 5th grade gym class controlling his dribble and either splitting the double team and getting to the basket or pulling up effortlessly from three. A huge part of the success of winning games his junior season, North would come up short in the regional finals against Washburn. 

The next year Chris would make a pack with the rest of the team to not loss another post-season game. With the emergence of El-Amin and the outstanding play from Rainey, North would be a force to be reckoned with. Chris was instant offense and would drive defenders crazy. There was no one that could stay in front of him and he would actually instill fear in his opponents and use that against them. Rainey had the ability to excited and make you want to see a replay of that move he just made for the pure athleticism and natural skill of a great athlete. Chris’s confidence level was very high and he felt there was nothing he couldn’t do. With that said, he lead North to the state championship and began North‘s run in winning championships. Not only did he turn the heads of scouts all over the country in basketball he also had the same or more attention in football. He dominated on the football field, which drew the attention of the national champion cornhuskers who offered him a full ride to play football for Nebraska. Rain man took that scholarship and ran with it. 

Chris is currently running his own business and coaching kids in the FAB program where his presents has been a profound effect on the children in the program. Chris Rainey will always be remembered as a legend in the cities and known for his transcending play for an entire era. Rainey truly is a city conference legend. — at Minneapolis North High School 1995.