Mpls FAB is a youth development program

that arms inner-city youth with the tools they

need to succeed - on and off the basketball court.

FAB uses basketball to foster a passion for

academic excellence, self-discipline, life skills,

health and wellness, citizenship, and community


Addressing Student Needs

FAB is a non-profit organization open to boys ages 9 to 15 and their families.


The FAB basketball program, geared toward inner-city youth, extends beyond basketball: We've been addressing student needs since 2009.

The program has grown from 11 participants to 140 participants in 6 years.
Along with program growth, our participants have grown personally as well.

100% of participants that have been in the FAB program for more than 3 years are in AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) or take AP (Advanced Placement) courses!

Classroom behavior and discipline have also grown for FAB participants, including 

attendance, participation, behavior, and work completion. 

Our FAB team played in four national tournaments in 5 years and won 4 state titles, playing against some of the best talent in the country.

In addition, 90% of FAB participants maintain an A/B Grade average.



We focus specifically on African American and other young men who have been historically overlooked and under-served by traditional funding sources, including nonprofits, government programs, and the communities in which they live they live.

We work with young men in reciprocal relationships with strong coaches and mentors. We address diverse learning styles and provide opportunities for them to learn, explore
experience, accept responsibility, share responsibility, improve personal expectations, and develop habits that will help them become masters of themselves, their education and their well-being.


The FAB program's success depends on each participant's willingness to lead by example and focus their attention on helping themselves and others achieve their goals. 

The FAB program recognizes the importance of Shared Responsibility, High Expectations, Habit Development, and Celebration of Progress.

Academic Excellence

The young men in the FAB program are our next leaders and innovators. To help them reach their full potential, we provide educational support in science, technology, engineering & math (STEM), music, visual arts and reading. (STEM programming is provided by volunteer Richard Pollard, staff member at The Works. LEARN MORE ABOUT STEM

At FAB, we work toward self-mastery. We believe self-mastery is a developed self-awareness that includes focus, accountability, self-control, choosing a positive response to any situation, and always putting forth a personal best effort. We use Mastery Status scorecards to provide these young men and the people that care for them a tool for communicating about their self-discipline on a daily or weekly basis.     

Life Skills
With guidance from parents, coaches and mentors, participants are guided in life skills focused on adaptive and positive behaviors that will enable them to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. Ultimately, our goal is help participants live up to their potential and have a rich and fulfilling life

Health and Wellness 
Whole-life wellness is an essential element for each participant in the FAB program as they strive to reach their full potential. We use basketball, fitness training and mental health awareness as a way to engage and empower our young men. 


The FAB basketball team competes in local and national basketball tournaments. While traveling, players are introduced to and are encouraged to experience local historic landmarks. To-date, those landmarks have included the Civil Rights Museum, the Thomas Jefferson Plantation, and the Lincoln Memorial. We also provide classes on culturally historic events.

Community Service
FAB encourages paricipants and their families to work together to "give back" to their community by volunteering to help others. 

We hold our standards high as our player-participants continue to succeed and grow.