Black Ourstory Insight

Program Director: Adrian  

Black History Insight Will began before slavery, and take the students on a journey to the civil rights movement. Opening up discussion about  today's color blindness and amnesia with the direct neglect of disrespecting the past by not making it forth right and clear...  We plan to open the minds of these young students by paying homage and obtaining knowledge about the past circumstances to ensure they don't reoccur in the future...    

STEAM Program 

Program Director:  Richard Pollard

The STEAM program consists of using mathematics, science, technology and arts to do hands on experiments that engage the students and peeks their interest in the field of engineering. Projects include making fans, flash lights etc… In an attempt to understand the flow of current and bridge the daily occurrences with math and science so the students see how it is relevant in their lives. 


Hip Hop Study Group

Program Director: William Harris

The Hip Hop Study Group is an insight into African American culture through the lens of an Mn Hip Hop pioneer that was born and raised in North Mpls. With almost 30 years in the Hip Hop sub-culture, William brings a strong presents and wisdom to a misunderstood culture, that has a wide range of life coaching and experiences that will captivate and engage students that come from similar or different back grounds. The lessons learned in these sessions will be self-fulfilling and empowering to the student’s understanding of ones’ self.


Debate Team
Program Director: Dr. Artika Tyner 

The Debate Team discusses and analyzes courtcases that had a supreme effort on our culture and community. Students debate actual cases and argue the facts of both sides with the participants being the legal council in a makeshift court-of-law with a judge and jury. This program also addresses; 

  • Public Speaking 
  • Arguing case studies 
  • Mock trials
  • Law history
  • Political Science
The Chunk Reading Program
Program Directors: Amy Fink and Christine Marks, Ladybug Literacy

The Chunk Reading Program was implemented last season by teacher-owners Amy Fink and Christine Marks for the sole purpose of improving FAB participants' reading levels. The Program has already begun to have a huge impact on individual reading skills!